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Pneumatics for CPI Automation Engineering Process
We know our way around the air 💨


Motion and actuation through air power. An efficient, and flexible, yet powerful means of actuation that is suitable from the most rugged of mining environments to your average everyday dental office. CPI carries all components necessary for your pneumatic system:

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Mechanical for CPI Automation Engineering Process
Crafting Precision in Motion 🔩


CPI can help you with the design and engineering of your project's mechanical system. Whether it's a static guarding solution or a complex machine with many moving parts, CPI can help you design, document, source, and fabricate. Examples of past mechanical projects include:

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Hydraulics for CPI Automation Engineering Process
Powering Industries with Fluid Precision ⚙️


For higher power applications requiring the use of hydraulic systems, CPI has decades of experience at your project's service. From component selection to primary integration services, CPI can assist you at any level of the fluid system design. Examples of past hydraulic projects include:

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Control and Automation for CPI Automation Engineering Process
Orchestrating Efficiency with Precision Control 🎛️

Control and Automation

For 'smarter' systems, CPI can offer a full range of control and automation services. Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) programming/integration, sensor integration, electric motors and actuation selection, are a few of the automation services that we can provide. Examples of past control and automation projects include:

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