Design and Engineering

From concept to production - and every step in between - CPI experts are there to help you bring your project to life.

Whether you are looking for a fully hands-off and turn-key solution, or are simply looking to bring in some additional expertise to assist with a particular discipline within your project, CPI experts can help you make your idea a reality. With decades of experience in Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Mechanics, Controls and Automation - CPI experts are ready to assist.

The CPI Advantage

  • Leverage our decades of experience in Fluids, Mechanics, Controls, and Automation.
  • CPI is also a parts distributor - We can find the best priced items around.
  • No obligation preliminary consultations.
  • In-house machine shop! We design AND build.


Get Started

To get a good idea of what you are looking for we will first start by setting up a no-fee consultation to discuss the scope, objectives, and requirements of your project. No matter how small or complicated, CPI is always willing to assist. Contact us directly today to book an appointment.


Based on your design objectives, CPI will develop a conceptual design for your review along with estimates for resource and time allocation. With approval, CPI will proceed with full design and development activities including CAD drawings, and parts and labour sourcing. Transparency is key, and you can be as involved as you would like in the design process. With over decades of experience in fluids, mechanics, electrical, and control, CPI only delivers optimal designs while respecting time and cost constraints.


In our dual role as a parts distributor, CPI is able to find you the best value parts for your project. Not only do we carry thousands of products in stock; but for more specialized parts and labour, we are able to leverage our network as a supplier to find that rare part essential to your design.


Staffed with experienced craftsmen and equipped with a full machine shop, CPI is able to fabricate just about any design. From CNC milling to laser engraving we have the tools and the knowledge bring your drawings from paper to reality. Read more about our capabilities here.



CPI can help you with the design and engineering of your project's mechanical system. Whether it's a static guarding solution or a complex machine with many moving parts, CPI can help you design, document, source, and fabricate. Examples of past mechanical projects include:

  • Safety guarding solutions
  • Machine frames and structures
  • Enclosures, workstations
  • Carts
  • Linear motion applications


When you're looking to add air power to your project, CPI is your partner for success. From selection of air line preparation components, to the design of pneumatic actuation devices, CPI has the expertise you can trust. Examples of past pneumatic projects include:

  • Damper and louver drive design
  • Vacuum pick and place machines
  • Pneumatic circuit control systems
  • Parts handlers and transfers


For higher power applications requiring the use of hydraulic systems, CPI has decades of experience at your project's service. From component selection to primary integration services, CPI can assist you at any level of the fluid system design. Examples of past hydraulic projects include:

  • Hydraulic power units
  • Fluid logic systems
  • Lift and transfer systems

Controls and Electrical

For "smarter" systems, CPI can offer a full range of control and automation services. Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) programming/integration, sensor integration, electric motors and actuation selection, are a few of the automation services that we can provide. Examples of past control and automation projects include:

  • Servo electric solutions
  • Control panels
  • PLC programming
  • Plant monitoring and data logging


If you are interested in having CPI's design team
assist with your next project, feel free to
call or email us for a no obligation consultation.

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